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About Computer and Network

ITC account is required to use PC and Printer at Mita campus.
Those who have not acquire the ITC account will get an ITC account notification, so please come to the Mita ITC office of the graduate school building B1F.
Mita ITC also accepts enquiries about forgotten ID or password.
In any case please bring your student ID card.
ITC accounts acquired on other campuses can also be used in Mita campus.

Mita ITC office / Use-related Consultation Corner

Computer and Printer information

  • Computer

  • Printer information

    Charge of print(One-sided) Black and White:\5 / Color:\15
    To execute the print command you must have a traffic system IC card such as Suica and PASMO.
    You can set up IPP on your own PC to send print commands through the Internet and wireless.


  • To users of the on-campus network

    If you intend to bring your PC and Cell Phone into the Mita Campus to use the Keio internal network, in order to avoid being a perpetrator or victim of spreading viruses, please be sure to implement Security measures as below before the day you use it.

  • Wi-Fi Service(keiomobile2/eduroam)

    You must have keio ID or ITC account to obtain the Wi-Fi password for keiomobile2 or eduroam connection.
    ※ It is possible to set up and use keiomobile2 or eduroam only inside campuses.

Last-Modified: October 12, 2021

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