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FAQ(Keio Mail)

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

A. Questions about Keio Mail

  1. What is Keio Mail?
  2. Who can use Keio Mail?
  3. Can I use Keio Mail after graduating?
  4. I want to use Keio Mail. What should I do?
  5. I don't need Keio Mail.
  6. Can I use my current email address for Keio Mail as well?
  7. Are there any fees charged for using Keio Mail?

B. Questions about login and passwords

  1. I can't log in.
  2. Can I log in with my Student ID number?
  3. I forgot my email address (Keio ID).
  4. I forgot my password.
  5. How can I change my password?
  6. My password was stolen (or was obtained by someone).
  7. I can't change my password.
  8. What is the maximum length of the password and what kind of characters can I use?
  9. Where is the login page for Keio Mail?
  10. Can I use Keio Mail while I'm away from the university, such as at home?
  11. What is the "user ID" for Keio Mail? Where can I get one?
  12. I want to change my email address (Keio ID) for Keio Mail.
    I entered some wrong characters when I registered my Keio ID. Can I change the ID?
  13. As far as I can remember, I didn't register a password for Keio Mail.
  14. Where did the mobile login window go?

C. Questions about the system environment and functions

  1. What are the specifications for Keio Mail?
  2. How large is the storage capacity of the email spool?
  3. Can I use POP3 protocol with Keio Mail?
    I want to retrieve messages with my email client and store them on my PC instead of using Keio Mail as a Web mail system.
  4. Can I use IMAP protocol with Keio Mail?
  5. I don't know how to use Keio Mail with POP3 and IMAP4 protocols.
  6. Can I access Keio Mail from a mobile device such as a mobile phone?
  7. How do I use Web mail?
  8. Can I forward messages to other email addresses?
  9. What is the "POP3 email function"?
  10. Can I set up and change email forwarding service also after removed member?
  11. When I obtain an individual email address and use Gmail, can I integrate it with my Keio mail account?
  12. Can I continue to use the service after leaving Keio by graduation, completion, or resignation?
  13. Can I use the service with a smart phone?
  14. Where will my email data be stored?
  15. Can I use it outside Japan?
  16. You have lost a terminal using Google Workspace(formerly G Suite) (PC, cell phone, smart phone, etc.). What should you do?
  17. When using the email address, can I use an alias (an expanded address)?

D. Concerning the Google Workspace for Education(formerly G Suite for Education)

  1. What is the "Google Workspace for Education(formerly G Suite for Education)"?
  2. What is the individual capacity that can be used with the new system?
  3. Will advertisements be displayed? And will email and other data be used for the purpose of marketing etc.?
  4. If Keio University ever breaks off its contract with Google Workspace(formerly G Suite), to whom will ownership of the data in the server revert?
  5. Will I be able to use other Google Workspace(formerly G Suite) besides email (calendar, chat, etc.)?
  6. Can I use the site?
  7. Try to use the smartphone application, but I can not set it by error.

E. Questions about usage

Please refer to "FAQ for Google Workspace for Education(formerly G Suite for Education)" .

F. About the Keio Apps ID

  1. What is a Keio Apps ID? What can I do with this ID?
  2. Will I be unable to use Drive, Group, and Calendar functions without validating them with a Keio Apps ID?
  3. Can I register and use a Keio Apps ID for the Google Account of my Smartphone (Android)?

G. About errors and failures

  1. Can I confirm whether or not an error or trouble has occurred in Gmail or Google's services?

H. Questions about submitting inquiries

  1. I have a question. Who do I contact?
  2. Where is the Help Desk (contact office) located?
  3. When is the Help Desk (contact office) open?
  4. I'm now studying abroad and cannot visit the Help Desk.

Last-Modified: May 17, 2021

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