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To all faculty and staff members who expect to resign (concerning use of keio.jp)

Concerning use of Keio Mail

Anyone who resigns from Keio University, can use Keio Mail for a transitional period of one year.The person can also forward Keio mail during the same period.
∗ People who will become Professor Emeritus or Honorary Teacher can permanently use Keio Mail that they used while employed by Keio University.To find out if you can or cannot use other services, please inquire with the department supervising each application.

  Concerning Keio-Mail Concerning services other than Keio Mail
Person who will become a professor emeritus or honorary teacher Can continue to use Please inquire with the department supervising each application
Other people (people who will resign from Keio University) Can use for 1 year Can no longer use

Please note the following conditions.

  • Please understand that we cannot answer any inquiries concerning method of use, except inquiries concerning forgetting Keio IDs or passwords.
  • Please remember that in a case where Keio University has judged that an action that violates a keio.jp usage regulation has occurred, Keio University will invalidate the rights of the user without advance notice.

Services that cannot be used after resignation

  • All applications of keio.jp except for Keio Mail (including contacts of G Suite)
    • Example: G Suite (Group, Drive, Calendar etc.), Box, etc.
  • Software licenses obtained (excluding Becky!, Internet Mail)
    • Example: Office 365 ProPlus, ESET, etc.

Make preparations before usage ends.

If you need to save G Suite data (Mail, Group, Drive, Calender, Contacts, etc.), BOX data, One Drive data, please take measures such as storing it in your own PC.
You can also forward Keio Mail, so make the setting before the end of your usage period.

Licenses obtained by Software Licensing Center can be used only while employed at Keio University.Please quickly delete them after resignation.
Concerning use of office 365 ProPlus)
How to uninstall Office from a PC (concerning use of office 365 ProPlus)
If you would like to continue using Office products after you leave, please pruchase the license yourself. Please note that you can not register Office 365 with Keio ID that was used when you were enrolled


Q1: I will become a part-time lecturer after retirement. Can I continue to use keio.jp?
A1: You can continue to use it including Keio mail, but there may be cases where the services you can use will differ from those before your retirement.For details, please inquire with the department supervising each application.
Q2: In the case of alumnae, I thought I could continue to use Keio mail, but can no longer use it.
A2: People who are alumnae, who graduated or separated, or who withdrew from the Ph.D. course with the prescribed credits after March 2015 can use it.

Last-Modified: March 25, 2019

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