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Regulations on ITC Account Usage

Users of the ITC account (hereafter "user") must understand that the Keio Infomation Technology Center(KIC) facilities are provided for educational, research and academic purposes and agree to abide by the regulations set forth below.

  1. User must take responsibility for the use of the ITC account.
    • The account shall be used only by the person to whom it is issued and the user must not allow another person to use his/her account.
    • User must keep his/her password strictly confidential so that no one else may access the service through his/her account.

  2. The following acts are forbidden.
    • Use of the account for purposes other than educational or research use.
    • Use in any way that is a breach of laws, university policies or public order.
    • Use that may interfere with the other users’ access to the network.
    • Use that may libel, slander or harass any other person.
    • Use of anonymous accounts to gain unauthorized access.
    • The knowing transmission of computer viruses.

  3. KIC will not be held accountable for any damages such as loss of data due to system failures, equipment failures or natural disasters.

  4. All changes of regulations shall be deemed accepted by all users upon KIC’s posting of such changes on websites and other mediums.

  5. KIC reserves the right to delete the users’ account and data automatically once user eligibility ceases when the user leaves the university due to graduation or resignation.

Established: September 22, 2010
Effective: September 22, 2010
Change: October 1, 2023

Last-Modified: October 2, 2023

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