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Loaned PCs (Undergraduate/Graduate Students)

The Mita ITC loans note PCs free of charge for research or educational use to undergraduate and graduate students registered at the Mita Campus .
The loaned note PCs operate Japanese language OS and are equipped with Japanese keyboards.
Please use them fully complying with usage regulations and cautionary items.

We will suspend rental computer service from January 30 untill Spring semester start.

Loan schedule

  • Please confirm the [Loaned PC schedule in (month)] in the schedule.

Usage Guide

Loan period

It is usually 7 nights and 8 days.

※When the scheduled return date is a holiday, the next school day is the return date
※Before the end of the testing period, the loan period will be shortened

Equipment information

Loaned equipment set     Hardware    
Contents of the carrier bag container   Machine type FUjiTSU LIFEBOOK S938/V  
PC Mouse   OS Windows10  
AC adapter AC cable   CPU Intel Core i5-8350U CPU (1.70GHz)  
Shoulder belt     Memory 8GB  
      Storage 256GB(SSD)  
      Internal drive ※ Not equipped with an optical drive  
      Max. resolution FullHD (1920×1080)  
      External dimensions 315.8(W)×214(D)×11.8(H)mm  
      weight About 1.26kg (only the PC)  
      power consumption About 3.3W (approximately 72W)  
      Interface USB3.0(Type-A) × 2  
      USB3.1(Type-C) × 1  
      SD card slot  
      External CRT (analog RGB Mini D-SUB 15 pins)  
      HDMI output jack  
      Audio Internal digital stereo microphone  
      Web camera Internal camera  
Type Installed software Type Installed software  
  Word 2019 Terminal UTF-8 Tera Term Pro  
Microsoft Excel 2019 PuTTY  
 Office2019 PowerPoint 2019 Mail software Becky! Internet Mail Ver2  
  Professional SP1 Access 2019 SCP software WinSCP  
  Publisher 2019 PDF Reader Acrobat Reader DC  
Internet browser Internet Explorer 11 Text editor Tera Pad  
Microsoft Edge Emacs  
Firefox Online Storage Google Drive File Stream  
Google Chrome HTML editor Kompozer Ver 0.8b3  
Statistical analysis SPSS Statistics 26 Multimedia reproduction VLC media Player  
SPSS Amos 26   Zipping+Unzipping 7-Zip  
SAS 9.4   Language system Python 3.7.6  
JMP 15   Oracle Open JDK11 / Oracle Open JFX  
TSP 4.5 ActivePerl  
R 3.6.2 .NET Framework 3.5/4.7.2  
Rstudio Eclipse  
Mathematical processing Mathematica 12 Plug-in Flash player  
Search database Nikkei NEEDS Financial Data search system DjVu 6.1  
Nikkei NEEDS Stock data search system Virus protection ESET  

Usage regulations and precautions

  • They must be used for educational, research, and study purposes.
    Use for moneymaking purposes (product sales, provision of information for a commission) is prohibited.

  • Only the person who perform loan and return procedures may use the PC. (Loaning it to another person or borrowing for another person are prohibited.)

  • It must be returned by the end of the return reception period on the scheduled return date.

  • If a borrower has not returned it by the end of the scheduled return date, regardless of the reason, this borrower may not borrow another PC from the day it is returned for the number of weeks equal to the number of days the return was delayed.
    This borrower will be required to submit a written detailed explanation of the reasons for the delay in the specified delay notification form.
    And even after the loan prohibition period has ended, this borrower may not borrow a PC again until the delay notification form has been received.

  • If a borrower repeatedly returns PCs late or does not return a PC for a long period after the scheduled return date, resulting in a cumulative total of 10 days or more of delay, the borrower will be subject to an indefinite loan prohibition period.

  • If the borrower cannot be contacted during a long-term delay, his guarantor registered with Keio University will be contacted.

  • When return is delayed for a long time, the PC may be designated as lost.

  • It a borrower does not contact the loan counter during a long delay and does not respond to a written request to return the PC sent by Mita ITC, this situation will be reported to the Vice-Director of the Student Affairs Office and committee members of the borrower’ s faculty or post graduate course.

  • If even following repeated communications sent to the [Reliable Contact Address] entered on the Request Form and the borrower cannot be contacted, the borrower will be subject to an indefinite loan prohibition period.

  • Please check the state of the PC when you borrow it and if there are any problems with it, report the problem immediately.

  • When damage to the PC has occurred after the borrower has confirmed its state at the time it was loaned, a formal objection will not be accepted.

  • If a PC is lost or damaged, the borrower will be asked to pay suitable monetary compensation or provide a comparable replacement PC.
    And the borrower may be subject to a prohibition on loans for a period set according to the object by the Mita ITC.
    An official of the ITC shall decide if a PC has been damaged. (If it has been damaged or lost, notify the Mita ITC immediately.)

  • Do nothing that is a copyright infringement (unauthorized software copying, unauthorized use of data).

  • Do not use an alias to perform any illegal action and to slander or defame another user on the network.

  • Do not perform any illegal actions (copyright or image right infringement, illegal access, transmitting contents which are indecent images, child pornography or child abuse).

  • It a case where it is clear that a borrower has violated any of the above usage regulations, the Mita ITC will, as necessary, investigate the data used and impose a loan prohibition of indefinite length.

※ All data is erased after the PC has been returned, so please backup data that you require.
※ Please understand that the Mita ITC will not bear any liability for the loss of personnel data under any circumstances.

Handling precautions

  • It must be carried in the special carrier bag that is provided.

  • The borrower must not use it while eating or drinking.

  • It must not be placed in an extremely hot or extremely humid place.

  • Not only the PC itself, but its accessories, power cord, carrier bag etc. must all be handled carefully.

  • To use the campus network, please refer to the manual installed in the loaned PC.

  • To connect to the Internet from your residence, please set the contract provider.

Last-Modified: February 1, 2021

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