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Using File-Sharing Software

There has been a growing problem with illegal file sharing. Sharing of copyright protected music files, video files and software without permission through file-sharing software such as BitTorrent, BitComet, Xunlei, Perfect Dark installed in networked computers is a social issue.

Keio University, via KIC, has been alerting faculty members and students to refrain from conducting such illegal activities and has taken measures to block installation of these file-sharing software in PC rooms on campus. We have also established a system to submit an application for an appropriate use of file-sharing software since April 2003.

Regarding the recent situation, Keio has decided to review the policy for file-sharing software to prevent illegal activities using our computers and networks.

In addition, terms listed below have been applied since September 28, 2009.

  1. Keio University may restrict the use of certain file-sharing programs which may result in illegal file sharing using the Keio network.

  2. KIC makes and posts alist of file-sharing programs subject to the above restriction.

  3. Students and faculty members may use one of the listed file-sharing programs for their educational and research purposes within the Keio network only when the application for using file-sharing programs is submitted to and approved by KIC.

  4. If some unlisted programs are added to the above list, KIC will immediately announce it across campus. Users need to submit the application for using file-sharing programs, accordingly.

  5. KIC may impose measures, such as restricting communication or suspending the network access, to users when necessary. Such measures are imposed when the user fails to take the appropriate steps before using a listed program within the Keio network or when the user is found to be engaged in illegal file sharing.

  6. When an illegal file sharing activity is found within the Keio network, Keio will suspend the user's access to the network and may impose a university's penalty.

  7. KIC may implement such restrictions as packet filtering for typical communication performed through file-sharing programs.

  8. KIC may monitor traffic data exchanged through file-sharing programs in order to carry out the objectives stated above.

  9. In case KIC suspects illegal use of file-sharing software within a sub-network of the Keio network, KIC may request the sub-network administrator for further investigation and treatment of the infringement. If no immediate action is taken by the sub-network administrator, KIC may restrict the network communications on a temporary basis.

In addition to the above terms, you shall not publish any copyright infringing content on the network. Take extra precaution when publishing content.

Please comply for safe and secure computing within the Keio network.

Last-Modified: October 2, 2023

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