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Email Notification

This page describes the email notification feature.
The email notification feature sends email via each function (Notification, Deliver Teaching Materials, Report, Questionnaire or Test) to the email address set by the user.
Email notification is available via each function, and via the operation menu when making a new registration, modifying one, or following registration.

Email Notification ContentLink

Email Notification Content

The following example is a fixed text email sent during report registration.
In this case, the sent email includes the report settings, link and login URL.
* Be sure to check the content carefully when entering the free text directly.


Click on the link included as a reference in the email notification.

The authentication screen of keio.jp or local login page appears. Log in to the system.

The user can directly access to the linked class data. Since the report function is used as an example here, the report details is displayed.
A student can submit the report from this screen. Other functions are also available.

Last-Modified: August 3, 2018

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