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Notes on using Keio Mail

Keio Mail can be used on any PC environment that has a Web browser installed, regardless of the type of hardware or operating system. However, please keep the following considerations about the system in mind.

System Restrictions

  • You can send and receive email messages of up to 25 MB in size (as of March 2015). Avoid attaching large file(s) --up to several MB -- so as not to burden the recipient's communication environment.
  • In principle, the email address you have obtained cannot be changed. When activating (initially registering) your account, be sure to choose an appropriate account name.
  • You must not conduct any profit-making or illegal activities using the network resources of Keio University.

When using keio.jp on your PC

  • This system uses JavaScript. Make sure to enable JavaScript. (The procedure for enabling JavaScript depends on the browser that you are using. Please see the user guide for your browser. )
  • This system uses cookies. Please enable cookie. Refer to "Enable or disable cookies" for detail.

    In addition, the way your anti-virus software is configured might prevent you from accessing this site. If you are not able to access Keio Mail, please review the settings of your anti-virus software.

Last-Modified: March 2, 2020

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