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How to check a student's My Account page

My Account Page

Correspondence course students will also be confirmed by the following method.

Log into keio.jp. Then click [My Account].

A. Your Account

The Account shows your Keio ID and ITC Account(if you have). Keio ID which has sub-domain follows after in parentheses.
i.g. keiotaro@keio.jp (keiotaro@a2.keio.jp)
ITC Account is indicated only for undergraduate students(Full-time) excluding SFC students.

B. Login History

Login history shows your last ten login records of keio.jp.
Currently Keio ID, ITC Account and CNS Account are acceptable to login keio.jp.
This login list are all three mixed history.

C. Reset the sending attributes for GakuNin services

Click the button to reset the sending attributes for GakuNin services.

Last-Modified: March 1, 2024

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