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Guarantor's password

Follow the procedure below to reset the password.

  1. Open [Cannot login to keio.jp]. Enter the User ID (Guarantor ID) and email address for notifications, and then, click [OK].
  2. A notification message saying that the confirmation code has been sent appears.
  3. The confirmation code is sent to the email address for notifications. (Email is sent within 10 minutes.) Click the URL written in the notification email.
  4. The password reset screen appears. Enter the confirmation code, new password and new password (for confirmation), and then, click [OK].
  5. A message saying the password has been set appears.(Email is sent within 10 minutes.) Click [Login to keio.jp] to login to the keio.jp.
    It might take a few minutes to be able to login with the reset or changed password.
    Please try logging again after a while if the account is correct.

Last-Modified: March 7, 2019

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