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Explanation of Webex functions

Explanation of functions

Sharing audio (VoIP)

Sharing audio permits audio dialog between participants. It is necessary to set an audio device (head set or microphone speaker) only the first time.

Sharing document

It is possible to share a document from a PC.

Presenter authority

You can be a presenter (document sharing authority) by obtaining presenter authority (Webex ball).

Video-recording function

You can record and save conference information easily from a PC or smart phone device.

If you are a faculty member or staff, the recorded data is saved to the server by default. To save locally, please select [Meeting] → [Recorder Settings] → [Record on This Computer].
Students can only save the recorded data locally.

If such a screen appears after recording starts, please select [Record on my computer].

Video dialog

You can use a camera to move to view other participants. Clicking the video icon displays images. If you do not want to display, please click the video icon again.


You can send a message to all participants or to an individual participant.

Last-Modified: June 14, 2019

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