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K-LMS (CanvasLMS) Release Notes

Here we provide information on the K-LMS (CanvasLMS) update history.

Update History

December 20, 2021

The number of classes able to use the [Resource Lists (Leganto)] feature has been expanded.
The classes able to use [Resource Lists (Leganto)] are displayed on the left-hand menu on Canvas.
Using this feature shares the resource lists (class materials) with students, and provides access via clickable links to a wide range of materials, such as Media Center materials (including electronic journals and databases), websites and YouTube videos, etc.
The following features are also available.

  • Materials can be added and updated at any time throughout the semester up until the start of the classes
  • All created resource lists can also be used by other classes and during the following and subsequent academic years (if you are currently preparing a list, it will be possible to use it in spring semester classes)
  • A certain amount of support will be provided by the Media Center for maintaining resource lists
  • The conditions and ranges, etc., for using materials are the same as conventional usage conditions
  • See the following guide explaining details on using this feature to ensure that operations run smoothly

Resource Lists(Leganto):Guide for Faculty Members

Last-Modified: April 12, 2022

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