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WiFi Connecting Service (keiomobile2) for iOS/Mac OS X

Certificate for keiomobile2 password authentic method will be updated at 8:30am on 24th March, 2015.

When a dialog window appears, please update the certificate for keiomobile2 by following method.

You need to take following steps just once, and do NOT need to set up keiomobile2 again.

Mac OS X

  1. Click [Continue] on [Verify Certificate] window.

  2. Enter an administrator password of your Mac in the message window as below.
    Click [Update Settings].

    Network connection priority can be set up opening [System Preferences]-[Network]-[Wi-Fi] and then click [Advanced].
    On [Preferred Networks:] drag networks into the order you prefer.

iPad, iPhone

  1. Tap [Accept] on [Certificate] window.

Last-Modified: March 26, 2015

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