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Requests when using Wi-Fi in the classroom

In order to stabilize the wireless LAN (Wi-Fi), please be aware of the following when using the classroom.

  • In the classroom, please turn on the Wi-Fi function only on devices used for class.
  • Since the number of access points that can be connected simultaneously is limited, please turn off the Wi-Fi function of smartphones and other devices not used in class.
    If the number of devices connected simultaneously increases, the connection speed will slow down and the connection will become unstable.
  • To prevent radio wave interference with Wi-Fi equipment installed on campus, please do not use the tethering function of your smartphone or mobile router
  • When moving between classrooms, please turn Wi-Fi off and on so that you can explicitly connect to the access point at your destination.

We appreciate your cooperation so that as many people as possible can use a comfortable Wi-Fi environment.

Last-Modified: April 22, 2024

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