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Warning about the ransomware: BAD RABBIT

It is reported that in countries including Russia and the Ukraine, on October 24, large-scale infection by the ransomware BAD RABBIT harmed public transportation systems, media organizations, and government bodies.
It has been confirmed that this ransomware infected computers by impersonating legitimate websites to launch attack tools and spread as it was downloaded by people viewing these fake websites.
Because it has been reported that a website used for this attack was located in Japan, please confirm the state of countermeasures by updating pattern files of your virus protection software.

Characteristics of BAD RABBIT

  • It spreads by pretending to be an update of Adobe Flash Player to cause viewers of the website to download it.
  • It expands the infection on internal networks.

For details about ransomware, please see the following.
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Last-Modified: December 5, 2017

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