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Undergraduate and Graduate Students

UserID Naming Policies

The ITC account consists of 8 characters.
The first character is “u”, The second character is a lowercase letter. The 6 numbers that follow are provided by the ITC system.

My Account page shows your ITC Account.
ITC Account is indicated only for undergraduate students(Full-time) excluding SFC students.
Password cannot be confirmed.

How to Apply for an ITC Account

Issue of Account

Application for an account will be accepted at the KIC office on your campus.
Please bring your student ID card.

Reception Hours of KIC Office on each Campus

Main Services Provided by KIC

Service Content
PC Use of KIC PCs on Campus
Storage Capacity My Document Storage of 3GB
Network with Authentication Access to Wireless/Wired LAN
Personal Webpage Posting of Personal Webpage
Unix Login Use of the Unix Environment (to be separately applied for)

Users must be authenticated with the Keio ID for network access (wireless and wired LAN).

Last-Modified: October 3, 2023

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