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G Suite data backup method

This introduces how to use Google Takeout to back up G Suite data.

  1. Log into Keio mail (Gmail).

  2. On the Gmail Web mail screen, click Account on the upper right, then click "Account".

  3. Click the "Data and customization".

  4. Click "Download Data".

  5. Select the service you want to back up in "Download Your Own Data", then click "Next steps".
    At first, all services including email (Gmail) are selected.

  6. Select file format and delivery method, then click "Create archive".
    In this example, "file format: zip, and delivery method: send download link by email" are selected.

  7. It may take hours to days for Archive to be completed.

    When Archive is completed, you will receive email like that shown below.

  8. It is downloaded as a zip file, so it can be saved anywhere under any name.

  9. Open (extract) the saved data file.
    For the format of the data, refer to "Data Download: Information by service."
    It is downloaded by UTF-8, so extraction software is necessary if you use Windows 7.
    [Reference] Extraction software:7-Zip beta(URL:http://sevenzip.sourceforge.jp/download.html

For the procedure for importing backup data for the Gmail obtained into Thunderbird, see "Gmail mbox data import method".

Last-Modified: January 17, 2020

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