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Keio Single Sign-On System(keio.jp) authenticates you to use online services operated by Keio University safely and conveniently. keio.jp is the general name for Keio Single Sign-On System.

Terms of Use

keio.jp Terms of Use.

User's Manual

User's Manual of keio.jp.

Keio Mail

Keio University Mail & Web Service (Keio Mail) is an email and Web application available through a Web browser.

G Suite for Education

It is a set of services that Google provides for educational institutions and that lets users comprehensively use functions such as Email, Calendar, Chat, and Online Storage.

Class Support

A system used for study materials distribution to students, classroom message boards, and submitting/acceptance of reports, etc.


Online storage service.

Web Conference System

WebEx is a video conference service from Cisco. Web conferences can be conducted over the Internet from PCs and mobile devices (iOS, Android).

Academic Access Management Federation in Japan (GakuNin)

An authentication system of Japanese universities, also available for keio ID.

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